Guadeloupe, Mongomo

This hospital was planned and constructed in a record time of less than 2 years. That extraordinary achievement was obtained thanks to the accumulative knowledge gained by IMS, integrated with our ability to implement past experience to create a better outcome.

The construction site was modified after work was already underway, which required us to change design accordingly. We switched all hospital directions in 180 degrees and adopted all plans without interruption or delay to the construction process.

In order to ensure autonomous and ongoing operation of the hospital, IMS had created an energy power supply center within the complex, which guarantees a continuous and uninterrupted functioning of all medical units during electricity failures.

The creation of Guadeloupe Mongomo was also a logistical challenge, as materials had to be shipped in land, since the location is far away from the sea port. Here again, the great challenges we faced proved productive and added to IMS's corporate efficiency in the long run.