Community Engagement

IMS is committed to the community in which the company acts. Our involvement encompasses a plethora of different activities in health and education:
  • Every year, IMS supplies 3500 school bags to children in remote villages. Each time, we choose a different village. All bags are fully equipped with all the necessary gear to ensure a happy start for the kids!
  • IMS had undertook upon itself the building of a whole school, fully equipped according to western norms. The story behind this huge project is typical to the conduct of IMS: in one occasion, Ms. Yardena Ovadia, the co-founder of IMS, met with kids from a village in Equatorial Guinea, who told her they had to walk 7 kilometers each day to school. Touched by their story, Ms. Ovadia promptly decided to build the school for the kids, a mission which was completed in record time.
  • IMS had initiated a huge vaccination operation, in order to save the lives of tens of thousands of newborn and young children prevent Hepatitis B infectious viral liver disease. More than 1.5 million Euros were invested in this extraordinary project, in which 25,000 children were successfully vaccinated.