Military Medical Center

The hospital campus is conceived to function as a “center for excellence.”
The following buildings will be constructed on the campus:
A.  The Inpatient Wards Building will cover an area of about 6,500 sq. m. and will include the following functions:
      Logistics Ground Floor:
                             Kitchen, staff dining room, medical and logistic storerooms, maintenance department offices
      Entrance Floor:
                              Emergency Department
                              Imaging Department (x-rays)
                              Outpatient Clinics
                              Rehabilitation and Orthopedics Department
                              Medical and Administrative Management
      First Floor:
                              Surgery Department    
                              Sterile Supplies Department
                              Recovery and Intensive Care Department
                              Delivery and Recovery Rooms
                              Maternity Inpatient Ward
      Third Floor:  
                             Internal Medicine Inpatient Ward
                             Surgery Inpatient Ward - Orthopedics
                             Pediatric Inpatient Ward
                             Outpatient Ward
                             Doctors’ Offices
C. Energy Center Building covering an area of about 500 sq. m.
D. The staff residential area will cover an area of about 1,650 sq. m.:
     One building with 12 apartments for families.       
     One building with 6 units for singles (+ laundry room and gym).   
E. The pharmacy, covering an area of about 280 sq. m., will be built so as to enable both access from the hospital and directly from outside of the campus for the general public.
Total built area of the hospital campus is around 9,000 sq. m. and the land area is about 50,000 sq. m.